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Apr 18

Aleberta: Our Beer History is free on TELUS Optik™ TV On Demand and Youtube

Posted on Apr 18 By: Dead West Productions

130 Years of Brewing History in Alberta is now available to the world.

Dead West Productions is pleased to announce the world wide release of Aleberta: Our Beer History. Made possible by a production grant from TELUS Optik Local, Aleberta: Our Beer History  is a threepart documentary that explores an industry shaped by government policy and passionate entrepreneurs.

Alberta, know for exporting the best brewing barley in the world and importing beer, has a blossoming craft beer industry that is poised to double from 22 to 40 breweries in 2016. Where did it start? Why did it take so long for craft beer to gain popularity in Alberta?

Aleberta: Our Beer History explores the storied past of Alberta’s 130 years of brewing history. Alberta brewers demonstrate their passion and tenacity, surviving two prohibitions and bizarre liquor laws while battling the titans of the Canadian beer industry to maintain their independence.

The documentary has evolved into an integrated social media platform. Through the official Aleberta blog and Twitter account, viewers are invited to follow director Spencer Estabrooks as he travels through Alberta’s beer history, while the Aleberta Instagram has become a virtual museum of still photos and trivia about Alberta beer history.

All three episodes are available now on Telus Optik Local VOD and Optik Local Youtube Channel.

Trailer     Episode One    Episode Two    Episode Three

About Spencer Estabrooks: Spencer Estabrooks is an award winning filmmaker and passionate beer enthusiast. Aleberta: Our Beer History is his first documentary film as a producer, director, and editor. Estabrooks’ previous works include One Hit Die, “a Lord of the Rings meets The Office” series and The Hunt, which won best short film in 2013 by Rue Morgue Magazine.

About TELUS Optik Local:  Telus Optik Local seeks to support programming and projects that reflect the local community, a diversity of voices, innovative ideas and alternative views on existing or emerging issues of importance in the communities it serves, featuring local places and events in arts, culture, education and sport.

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Spencer Estabrooks, Producer, Dead West Productions
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