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Feb 13

Alberta Pulse Growers APP

Posted on Feb 13 By: Victoria Decker

Alberta Pulse Growers launched a new app in November of 2018. The launch of the app coincided with the transition to digital reporting of Regional Variety Trials (RVT) which saw APG take on full funding and coordination. RVTs are important as they are the first point of contact with new growers selecting varieties for the first time. APG also recognizes that feedback is an important service to our membership who all rely on RVT data to make decisions. The ability to drill down to specific sites alongside regional or provincial averages, similar soils, climate and specific management practices is important.

The web tool was designed to allow Alberta pulse producers to access the information they need when they need it, as soon as it is available. The APP currently includes alerts for news, events, and market updates.

The Alberta Pulse Growers website has changed in recent years and the agronomy section is scheduled for an update. The next goal is to have the app in the field as an agronomy service to our membership. The app is available for free download on iTunes and Google Play. The RVT information can also be accessed via

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