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Press Release

Jun 20

Alberta Barley urges farmers to participate in Federal Government Consultations for A Food Policy for Canada

Posted on Jun 20 By: Alberta Barley

(Calgary, Alberta) June 20, 2017– Alberta Barley is urging farmers to participate in online consultations for the Government of Canada’s A Food Policy for Canada. As primary producers of Canada’s food supply, farmer input will be integral in developing this new policy that aims to address issues related to the production, processing, distribution and consumption of food.

Establishing a national food policy is a priority that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau outlined to Canada’s Agricultural and Agri-Food Minister, Lawrence MacAulay, in a 2015 mandate letter. In response, MacAulay announced May 29, 2017 that the Government of Canada will consult with all Canadians to support the development of A Food Policy for Canada.

“We are pleased to see the federal government engaging with stakeholders across the food industry,” said Jason Lenz, Alberta Barley chair. “The input of farmers in particular will add perspective to this complex policy objective.”

A Food Policy for Canada will be the first of its kind for the Government of Canada and will, in part, explore the agriculture industry’s relationship to food. This includes producers’ commitment to conserving soil, water and air and growing high-quality food.

“Providing feedback on our use of environmentally sustainable practices, as well as the ability to adapt to changing conditions, will show the federal government our contribution to the long-term, reliable and abundant supply of safe, healthy food,” Lenz said.

The online consultation is the first of a number of engagement activities planned with a wide range of participants to inform the development of a food policy.

As primary producers at the beginning of Canada’s food value chain, it is important that individual farmers make their voices heard by participating in the online survey by July 27, 2017. Alberta Barley will be engaged in the consultation process and will see this as a policy priority in the coming months.

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Ellen Cottee
Communications Coordinator

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