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Oct 6

Alberta Barley elections 101

Posted on Oct 6 By: Sydney Duhaime

Are you interested in joining Alberta Barley but don’t know where to get started?

Below is a comprehensive breakdown of Alberta Barley’s roles and election process, and the structure of our regional representation. This is your “Alberta Barley 101.”

If you are looking to sign up, there is one very important criterion right off the bat. Only eligible producers (farmers who have grown and sold barley in one of the last three crop-years) can be nominated to join Alberta Barley as a director or delegate.

What does a director do? Great question.

A director sits on Alberta Barley’s board of directors. The board works to determine the strategic direction of the organization, and represents the Commission to the industry and the general public.

To become a director, you must contest an available director position in your region (click here for the interactive region map). Candidates must be nominated by 10 other eligible producers from their region. Once nominated, candidates must give written consent to accept their nomination.

The annual deadline for nominations is Oct. 31, or the last weekday of October. This year, the nomination deadline is Friday, Oct. 30, 2015, at 4:30 p.m.

In addition to the six director positions, Alberta Barley’s board of directors includes three director-at-large positions. These directors work to represent the province’s interests as a whole, rather than a specific region.

In order to be a candidate for a director-at-large position, an eligible producer must be nominated by 10 eligible producers from anywhere in Alberta—these nominations are not region-specific. As with director positions, director-at-large candidates must give written consent to accept their nomination.

The delegates work with their regional director to help keep the Alberta Barley board informed about regional issues and opportunities.

Unlike directors, delegates are nominated from the floor during their respective regional meetings. The number of barley acres grown in each region determines the number of delegate positions available there. All together, there are 32 delegate positions to serve the six regions.

Elections for directors and delegates take place at regional meetings every November, but only if there are more nominees than available positions. A position is acclaimed if there is only one nominee.

At their respective regional meetings, eligible producers vote for the nominees to determine the producer for the role.

Once elected, directors are eligible to serve two back-to-back, three-year terms. After their maximum six-year term as an Alberta Barley director, producers must take a minimum one-year break before they run for a vacant director position again. Delegate terms last two years, but, unlike director positions, there is no limit on consecutive delegate terms.

If a director position remains vacant, an eligible producer can be nominated and elected to it during Alberta Barley’s annual general meeting.

Get involved
Now is your chance to get involved and join Alberta Barley.

For nomination forms, click here or call 1-800-265-9111.

This article was originally published in GrainsWest magazine, the fall 2015 issue.

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