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Press Release

Apr 17

Alberta Barley supports proposed amendments to Western Canadian deduction

Posted on Apr 17 By: admin

(Calgary, AB) April 17, 2013 — Alberta Barley (ABC) stands behind the federal government’s proposed amendments to the current Western Canadian wheat and barley deduction regulations.

Changes to The Regulations Respecting Research, Market Development and Technical Assistance (Wheat and Barley) will give the ABC up to 90 days to process refunds after the end of the crop year. Changes will also allow the Commission to provide an annual report to the minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada no later than 120 days after the end of the crop year. If approved, these changes would come into effect Aug. 1, 2013.

According to AAFC, the objective of the proposed amendments is to provide more realistic and attainable deadlines without impacting functional requirements of the Regulations. These adjustments allow the Commission more time to verify the collection and reporting of all check- off refunds prior to processing the refund.

“These changes better reflect the timelines we originally asked for when the government appointed us to take on the administration of the deduction,” said Lisa Skierka, ABC general manager. “These new timelines will allow Alberta Barley to continue delivering high-quality remittance and refund services for farmers.”

Interested persons may make representations concerning the amendments before May 6, 2013. All representations must cite the Canada Gazette, Part 1, and the date of the publication of this notice, and be addressed to:

Tom Askin
Crop Sector Policy Division
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Room 500, 303 Main Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3C 3G7

Canada’s only barley commission, Alberta Barley is a not-for-profit organization directed, funded and controlled by the province’s barley farmers. The Commission co-ordinates and sponsors research, market development, technology transfer and policy development on behalf of its producers.

For more information, contact:
Trevor Bacque
Communications Coordinator
(403) 219-6266

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