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Jun 17

Alberta Barley applauds government investment in agri-food industry

Posted on Jun 17 By: Trevor Bacque

(Calgary, Alberta) June 17, 2016 – Alberta Barley is applauding the provincial government’s $10-million capital investment into the Agrivalue Processing Business Incubator and Food Processing Development Centre (FPDC) in Leduc.

“With an investment like this it’s clear that agri-food processing in Alberta is both a top priority of the government and a driver of industry,” said Mike Ammeter, Alberta Barley chairman and region three director. “We hope this capital injection will be a catalyst for further innovation from the Food Processing Development Centre.

By adding 2,350 square metres of capacity, the centre will ensure the facility has long-term growth potential and can accommodate modern equipment to allow small businesses to run test pilots and potentially scale up production into commercial production.

“Our agri-food entrepreneurs employ tens of thousands of Alberta workers and every year the Food Processing Development Centre helps as many as 100 new and existing businesses grow and succeed,” said Darren Bilous, minister of economic trade and development. “Expanding this facility means more jobs and a more diversified economy that builds on our strengths. This is the Alberta Jobs Plan in action.”

Alberta Barley has funded research at the Centre throughout the years, including a recent study related to the incorporation of barley ingredients in a range of food products that would meet Health Canada’s barley health claim. By consuming three grams of barley soluble fibre per day, a person can help reduce blood cholesterol and decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Alberta’s food and beverage industries form the province’s second-largest manufacturing sector, employing approximately 25,500 people with sales of more than $13 billion.


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