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Nov 1

Alberta Barley announces region 5 and 6 directorship results and open governance positions

Posted on Nov 1 By: Victoria Decker

(Calgary, Alberta) November 1, 2018 – Following yesterday’s nomination deadline, Alberta Barley is announcing the results of the region 5 and 6 director nomination process, along with open positions within Alberta Barley’s governance structure.

Alberta Barley’s region 5 director will be Shane Debock while the region 6 director is Brent Konstapel. Both Debock and Konstapel will step into these roles by acclamation. Debock has previously served as director-at-large, while Konstapel continues his role following one year on the board. Debock farms in the Barrhead area and Konstapel farms near Spirit River.

As of October 31, one director-at-large position with Alberta Barley remains open. Brian Sewell from region 2 and Terry James from region 4 hold two of the three director-at-large positions. Since there cannot be more than one director-at-large representing a region, the unclaimed position is eligible for nomination from regions 1, 3, 5, or 6.

Nomination forms for the director-at-large position can be submitted before Alberta Barley’s AGM in Banff on December 12. Barley farmers attending the AGM can also nominate a peer for the role during the meeting. For more information on the Prairie Cereals Summit and the Alberta Barley AGM in Banff, click here.

Upon the commission’s regional delegate reallocation, 22 Alberta Barley delegate positions are available. Barley farmers attending Next Level Farming events in their regions can nominate one of their peers for a delegate role. Dates and locations for Next Level Farming events can be found here.

The following regions have delegate positions open for nomination:

Number of Delegate Positions Open
1 4
2 6
4 4
5 4
6 4
Alberta Barley’s region map can be found here.

Barley farmers are encouraged to attend their Next Level Farming event in their region and contribute to Alberta Barley’s governance process. To be eligible to nominate for the director-at-large position or delegate positions, farmers must have grown and sold barley and paid the service charge within the last three crop years. All positions will take effect following Alberta Barley’s AGM.

Media Contact:
Erin Tateson
Marketing and Communications Coordinator
Alberta Wheat and Barley Commissions

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