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Press Release

Jan 31

Alberta Barley and Alberta Wheat Commission will move ahead with shared management team

Posted on Jan 31 By: Victoria Decker

(Edmonton, Alberta) January 31, 2018 – The Alberta Wheat Commission (AWC) and Alberta Barley today announced that they are moving forward with a shared management structure, providing added value and cost savings to the province’s wheat and barley farmers.

The move follows a four-month trial period, during which both boards and management assessed the feasibility of the shared structure. During the next phase of this work, management will formalize an operating model that will see the team serve both the Alberta Wheat and Barley boards.

“Alberta Barley and Wheat staff have always worked collaboratively,” said Jason Lenz, Alberta Barley Chair. “Now operating as one team, we’re able to further leverage the relationship between the commissions to create better efficiencies that serve both crops.”

“Working with Alberta Barley is a natural partnership,” said Kevin Bender, AWC Chair. “With this new structure, we believe we can provide better return on investment to wheat and barley farmers.”

Tom Steve was appointed as Interim General Manager of Alberta Barley in September, coinciding with the commissions’ decision to move ahead with a trial of the shared structure. Steve, who has served as AWC’s General Manager since 2014, will now serve as General Manager of both commissions and lead the transition to a new operating model reporting to the boards of Alberta Barley and AWC.

Moving to a single management structure is a logical next step for the commissions since they have been sharing an office since 2013 as well as a number of staff positions across the finance, admin and GrainsWest teams.

Media Contact:
Victoria Decker
Interim Communications Manager
Alberta Wheat Commission


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