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Apr 18

AgSafe Alberta takes training on-line hosting live webinars to replace in person workshops

Posted on Apr 18 By: Victoria Decker

For more help in recruiting labour AgSafe Alberta will be holding a webinar on April 21st for employers. After the “Recruitment, Orientation, & Training” webinar, participants will be able better able to:

  1. Create the recruitment, orientation and training portion of a Health and Safety Management System.
  2. Develop a recruitment process that includes an assessment of safety competency
  3. Describe the roles and responsibilities of a Health and Safety Representative and what requirements support the role.
  4. Describe how an employer can include health and safety components throughout the orientation process.
  5. Review sections of the Occupational Health and Safety Act that pertain to worker training.
  6. Outline how health and safety considerations can be included throughout the training process for workers, visitors and 3rd party contractors.


Employers can register for free here

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