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Mar 27

Agricultural Research will be impacted by the pandemic

Posted on Mar 27 By: Victoria Decker
  • University classes have moved online, meaning academics have had to pause to adjust the delivery of their lectures. University facilities have faced closures and all non-essential research is ceased.
  • At AAFC, buildings are closed to the public. Essential work is ongoing. Essential work includes germplasm maintenance, livestock care and insect colony care. Maintaining germplasm means that advances will not be lost.
  • As we move closer to field season, institutions will need to make a decision as to whether they can complete planting while maintaining social distance. If stronger restrictions are in place, this may not be possible.
  • As funders of research, Alberta Wheat Commission and Alberta Barley are working with our research partners and will accommodate research delays as required through our contract process. We will do our best to extend information virtually to ensure our members are kept up to date with the latest best management practices.
  • While it has been suggested that concerns could arise with the distribution of breeder seed from AAFC research stations to seed growers, we have been assured that this is a ‘solvable problem’ and AAFC is actively working on a plan to ensure that breeder seed does get out.

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