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Apr 10

AFSC on Unharvested Acres: Communicate harvest plans with local branch as early as you can!

Posted on Apr 10 By: Victoria Decker

Important Information for Producers from AFSC regarding unharvested acres
AFSC shares the same concern as producers with concerns as we go into the spring.
They understand that for some farmers dealing with unharvested acres is a new experience and they may be unaware of what they can do to ensure their crop insurance claim is dealt with.
AFSC has provided some information and FAQ’s that may help.
They would like to advise clients that it is crucial that clients make the decision about what they are intending to do with the crop as early as they can, to be in contact with your relationship manager at your local branch.
AFSC does not apply a drop-dead date – if the client decides to handle the crop in any way other than harvesting there will be a yield assessed and used as a part of the claim process.
This may not result in an actual inspection, as they are striving to minimize the number of physical inspections needed and will be trying to conduct as much of the assessments as possible by phone due to the current situation related to COVID19 and to best expedite assessments in the timeliest fashion possible. 
The yield assessed will be dependent on the circumstances for each farmer and it could be assessed at zero, if the crop is un-harvestable (i.e. below 3-inch cutter bar height) or if the yield is less than the cost of harvest (150kg for cereals and 80kg for oilseed) or any crop such as peas that would not survive the winter.
In the case of wildlife, again they are aiming to only physically inspect the claims they have to and have a number of processes in place to help with that.
The client MUST contact their local AFSC office before they harvest and again the earlier you can do this the better.
The key message for all scenarios is that YOU must decide what you want/need to do and communicate that with AFSC as early as you can.

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