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May 1

AFSC continues to make changes intended to improve program responsiveness

Posted on May 1 By: Victoria Decker


Federal and provincial governments have been exploring how AgriStability could be adjusted to help producers. Any proposed changes to the programs—such as adjusting the trigger level, removing the reference margin limit, or eliminating the cap on payments—are assessed on their ability to make the programs more effective, agile, timely, and equitable for farmers. The cost of the changes and the financial capacity of all jurisdictions (federal and provincial) to manage the changes is a major consideration as it is done in order to maintain relevant BRM programing in the long term. 

It is encouraged that all farmers to enroll in AgriStability to help manage the impacts of current market disruptions, increased expenses and production challenges. The AgriStability enrollment deadline for the 2020 program year was recently extended from April 30 to July 3, 2020 without penalty. Farmers experiencing losses are encouraged to apply for interim payments under AgriStability for more rapid support.  AFSC has put into place a screening process that allows applications in a claim position to be processed first, and those not likely eligible for a payment to be processed last. It is not a “First In First Out” process. 

Feel free to contact AFSC through one of their branch offices, the call center at 1-877-899-2327 or send an email to for more information on programs and services offered and for information on how to enroll in the AgriStability program or apply for interim/advanced payments under AgriStability for more rapid support.

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