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Resolutions are key to providing grassroots participation to eligible producers in the affairs and direction of Alberta Barley.

Eligible producers are able to present resolutions at the regional meetings for consideration and action. Resolutions must be put forth as formal written statements accompanied by a proposed solution to a problem. They are to be clear, specific, brief and based on fact.

Resolutions can be raised at any time of the year, but they are to be presented to a director at a regional meeting. Successful resolutions are then passed on to the resolutions committee for review within seven days of the regional meeting. Once reviewed by the resolutions committee, resolutions may be presented at the annual general meeting (AGM), where they are passed or defeated by a simple majority of votes. Resolutions passed at a regional meeting may not be modified at the AGM.

Accepted resolutions will be posted on Alberta Barley’s website in advance of the AGM.