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If openings are available, elections for vacant Alberta Barley delegate and director positions are held at the regional meetings each year. Elected directors are eligible to serve two three-year terms. Eligible producers interested in filling a director position must fill out a nomination form by Oct. 31 of the election year. In comparison, eligible producers interested in filling a delegate position can be nominated from the floor at their regional meeting. Delegate positions are up for election every two years. Elections will take place only if there are more nominees than available positions, with votes tabulated at the respective regional meetings.

Our 2018 Director/Director-at-Large nomination forms are available below. 

2018 Director nomination form

2018 Director-at-Large nomination form

Director responsibilities include attending Alberta Barley’s board meetings, its annual general meeting, various committee meetings, and an annual regional meeting. Additionally, directors represent Alberta Barley on various third-party councils and committees as well as at numerous community and industry events. Eligible producers elect directors to represent them at the regional level, and elect directors-at-large to represent them at the provincial level.

Delegate responsibilities include attending Alberta Barley’s annual general meeting every December, as well as an annual regional meeting every fall. Delegates may also be invited to represent Alberta Barley at community and trade events and on committees. Eligible producers elect the delegates.

If you’re an eligible barley producer interested in becoming a delegate or director, please contact us. These roles are vital to the organization’s success and its ability to understand and respond to the needs of Alberta’s barley producers.

For more information, please contact us at: (403) 291-9111