Alberta Barley

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To be an eligible member of Alberta Barley, the Alberta Barley Plan Regulation requires producers to have paid barley check-off dollars to Alberta Barley in one or more of the last three crop years. The check-off is deducted automatically at the point of sale, but it is refundable upon request. Producers who have not grown barley in the previous three years are no longer eligible producers—however once they resume growing barley they resume being an eligible producer.

Eligible barley producers are entitled to:

  • Attend annual and regional meetings and any special meetings
  • Make presentations to the Board of Directors on matters related to barley production, research, market development and policy
  • Vote at regional and special meetings or producer plebiscites
  • Become an Alberta Barley delegate, director or director-at-large (via election)

Over 11,000 Alberta farmers in six provincial regions are currently members of Alberta Barley. Elected directors and delegates represent our members.

Our members are the voice of our organization. We rely on them for:

  • Leadership – we are a member-driven organization where barley growers work for barley growers
  • Technology transfer – our research is put into practice by farmers across Alberta
  • Direction – member concerns and issues shape our priorities and determine how and where our resources are used