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Market Development Committee

In 2012, Alberta Barley formed the market development committee, chaired by Region Two Director Jeff Nielsen. In addition to growing the barley industry, exploring value-added opportunities and building relationships with industry, the market development committee is focused on reaching out to national and international stakeholders to promote Canadian barley.

The committee’s farmer membership includes committee co-chairs Region Two Director Jeff Nielsen and Director-at-large Wade McAllister, as well as Region Five Director Shane DeBock. Commission Delegates Kenton Ziegler, Connie Matson, Gordon Ellis, Brad Wiese, Sean Stanford, Doug McBain, Trevor Petersen, Harold Haugen and Dean Wiegand also sit on the committee. The committee also includes Manager of Market Development Geoff Backman.

For more information, please contact:

Geoff Backman
Manager of Market Development
Alberta Wheat and Barley Commissions
Tel: (403) 291-7908