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Region Two

Region Two Director Jeff Nielsen
Jeff Nielsen – Director

Jeff Nielsen has been Alberta Barley’s region two director since 2014 and farms southeast of Olds growing barley, wheat and canola.

Jeff earned his Chartered Director (c.Dir) certificate from Degroote School of Business and McMaster University in 2007. He has farmed since 1980, and operates a 1,350-acre farm started by his paternal grandparents who emigrated from Denmark in 1930. Jeff’s maternal great grandparents were original homesteaders northwest of Olds.

Jeff has been an active member of the agriculture community since 1999, when he was elected to the board of directors of United Grain Growers. Since then, Jeff has served as a director for Agricore United, president of the Western Barley Growers Association and vice-president of Grain Growers of Canada. Prior to becoming an Alberta Barley director, Jeff served as a delegate for a year.

Jeff is involved with Alberta Barley because he believes that it is important to be an active member in the agriculture community. He has been an advocate for commodities in other industry sectors and, as a malt farmer; he is keen to ensure a bright future for barley.

Contact Information:
RR1, Site 12, Box 8
Olds, AB T4H 1P2
Tel: (403) 556-0408

Region Two Director-at-Large Brian Sewell
Brian Sewell—Director at Large

Brian was born and raised on a family farm and is passionate about agriculture. He is a journeyman water well driller and recently graduated from the Canadian Malting Barley Technical Centre Malt Academy in Winnipeg, MB, which he attended to better identify opportunities for barley in the growing malt market. He has been running his farming operation for 11 years and currently manages 4,000 acres near Herronton in Southern Alberta.

As a fourth generation farmer, Brian feels it’s important to be connected in the industry and contribute his ideas and perspectives as an up and coming leader in agriculture. He sees a lot of potential for Alberta barley in today’s market and is excited about the opportunity to help promote it and bring a positive impact to the industry.

Contact Information:
1707 Montgomery Park SE
High River AB T1V 0B8
Phone: 403-601-2745

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