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Apr 17

Team Alberta looks forward to working with new government on priorities for farmers

Posted on Apr 17 By: Erin Tateson

Team Alberta extends congratulations to Premier-elect Jason Kenney on his party’s victory in the province’s 30th general election. Team Alberta is committed to working with the new government to advance Alberta’s $6 billion crop sector. Team Alberta is a collaboration between four of the province’s crop commissions: Alberta Barley, Alberta Canola, Alberta Pulse Growers and the

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Apr 16

Feed Barley Survey 2018

Posted on Apr 16 By: David Simbo

Barley plays a prominent role as a source of feed for both ruminants and monogastric farm animals in Western Canada. Being an important source of feed, it is therefore useful to know the nutritional profiles of barley grains grown in Alberta. The feed barley survey was initiated to know the nutritional profile of barley produced in

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Apr 1

Become a grain conditioning volunteer

Posted on Apr 1 By: Erin Tateson

Team Alberta is seeking farmers interested in participating in a three-year study on grain conditioning systems. The goal is to assess the on-farm energy consumption and efficient on these systems. Click the image to become a volunteer.

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