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Oct 12

Handling and Storage of a Wet Harvest

Posted on Oct 12 By: Clair Langlois

Most producers have some crop left out in the field, and most were hit with snow and at least -4oC during the first week of October. The people north of Edmonton seemed to have escaped without the snow, this time, but we are all in a period of wait and see, with the anticipation of

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Oct 4

Team Alberta says PMRA’s proposed cancellation of Strychnine could cause severe economic consequences for farmers in controlling gopher populations

Posted on Oct 4 By: Victoria Decker

With the Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) proposing the complete cancellation of Strychnine for its use in controlling Richardson’s Ground Squirrel (gopher) populations, Team Alberta says farmers must be able to retain access to this product since there are currently no safe or effective alternatives to protect crops from damage. Severe gopher outbreaks could result

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