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Jul 22

Researching the potent potential for barley protein

Posted on Jul 22 By: Cullen Bird & Patrick Whynot

When it comes to researching proteins, peptides and amino acids, Lingyun Chen is like a kid in a candy store. As Associate Professor and Canada Research Chair in plant protein structure function and nutraceutical delivery at the University of Alberta, Chen studies the unique value-added applications of barley protein. Originally from Wuhan, China, Chen’s interest

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Jul 15

Trade Missions: Building markets and relationships

Posted on Jul 15 By: Sydney Duhaime

Representatives from Alberta Barley, Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development, Barley Council of Canada, Canadian International Grains Institute and Embassy of Canada in Japan on May 26, 2014. Canadian agriculture depends on international trade—in fact, nine out of 10 farms across Canada rely on export markets. With that in mind, it’s important that organizations like Alberta Barley serve

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Jun 30

Lethbridge College Agriculture Business Risk Management Program to be offered this fall

Posted on Jun 30 By: Lyndsay Smith

The following is a guest blog from Lyndsay Smith, the industry liaison for agriculture with Lethbridge College. Agriculture Business Risk Management is right for you if you are an agricultural operator who desires a better understanding of the fluidity of your commodity pricing or the areas of financial risk and opportunity in your operation; an aspiring

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Jun 26

Soil is bigger than oil

Posted on Jun 26 By: ARECA

Press Release – June 15 “Soil Health is the foundation of successful farming. If we can maintain and improve the health of our soils, we will be successful farmers,” says Ian Murray, Chair of the Agricultural Research and Extension Council of Alberta (ARECA). “I want to understand more about the soil on my farm, and I know

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Jun 24

Spotlight on Policy: Inclusion of agriculture in the occupational health and safety act

Posted on Jun 24 By: Samantha Trudel

Samantha Trudel is Alberta Barley’s government relations and policy intern. In this “Spotlight on Policy,” Samantha investigates the inclusion of agriculture in The Occupational Health and Safety Act, and what the implications might be. Alberta is the only province in Canada where agriculture is not included in Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) legislation. The existing

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Jun 15

Alberta Crop Commissions invite producers to make the grade this summer

Posted on Jun 15 By: Sydney Duhaime

(Calgary, Alberta) June 15, 2015 – Alberta Barley, Alberta Wheat Commission (AWC), and Alberta Canola Producers Commission (ACPC) are pleased to invite producers to a one-day workshop designed to provide insight into getting the best grade for their grain. Called “Making the Grade,” the July 28th workshop at Olds College will include hands-on sessions from

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Jun 10

Trade mission heads south to promote barley

Posted on Jun 10 By: Barley Council of Canada

When most people hear “Mexico”, they think of surf, sand and sun. For those taking part in a recent agricultural mission to that country, however, it was all about heating up the market for Canadian barley and other grains. Along with commodity groups representing oats, flax and pulses, as well as government and private companies,

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