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Nov 27

Alley Kat Brewing Company chooses local

Posted on Nov 27 By: Victoria Paterson

According to senior brewer Chase Gordon, Alley Kat Brewing Company likes to buy local, “as much as possible.” “We’re a small Alberta company as well,” he said, so when Alley Kat brews a coffee porter, for example, they buy their beans from Transcend, another Edmonton-based company. That buy local habit extends to their barley and

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Nov 19

Village Brewery’s Connection to Alberta Barley

Posted on Nov 19 By: Karin Olafson

For Village Brewery, choosing local barley means choosing the best for a consistently high quality product. It should come as no surprise that Village Brewery chooses to use local barley. After all, using local is a big part of its business philosophy. Village Brewery was formed in 2011. The company has seven founders and they

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Nov 10

Tool Shed Brewing’s connection to Alberta barley

Posted on Nov 10 By: Griffin Elliot

Tool Shed Brewing has taken off as one of Alberta’s premier craft brewers in the past few years. The key to its success, and the province’s worst kept secret, is using strictly high quality, Alberta grown barley. “Most people don’t realize that Alberta barley is the best on the planet,” said Graham Sherman, Tool Shed

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Nov 4

Alberta Barley’s 2015 annual report now available

Posted on Nov 4 By: Sydney Duhaime

As a farmer-directed, not-for-profit organization, Alberta Barley remains committed to transparency and accountability. Every year, we release our annual report to our members and the public in order to give a clear picture of our funding, activities and ongoing initiatives. In the 2015 annual report, you will find an in-depth look at the research, market development

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