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Oct 28

Farmer sustainability

Posted on Oct 28 By: Sydney Duhaime

  The Alberta Crops Sustainability Certification Pilot Project saw 40 farmers from across Alberta participate in on-farm assessment similar in nature to those who would seek certification from four major internationally recognized sustainability certification programs. The project led to a better understanding of Alberta farmers’ readiness in relation to consumer-driven sustainability standards that are growing

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Oct 27

Canmore Breeding: A Brief History

Posted on Oct 27 By: Sydney Duhaime

The following infographic is a brief history detailing the barley variety Canmore. Developed by Pat Juskiw at the Field Crop Development Centre in Lacombe, this new variety has a bright future in shochu. Click here for a full screen image  To learn more about Pat Juskiw and her work with Canmore, read Exploring the unknown featured in

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Oct 22

Alberta Barley is seeking a Business Development and Policy Manager

Posted on Oct 22 By: Sydney Duhaime

The Alberta Barley Commission (ABC) is seeking a Business Development and Policy manager for their Calgary office. Reporting to the General Manager, this senior management position will play a critical role in managing ABC’s business development and policy needs as new opportunities arise for members of the barley value chain to improve the profitability of

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Oct 21

How to solve the political puzzle

Posted on Oct 21 By: Patrick Whynot

Representatives from Alberta Barley, the Alberta Canola Producers Commission, the Alberta Pulse Growers and the Alberta Wheat Commission came together as “Team Alberta” to bring Alberta’s agriculture message to Parliament Hill. The nature of politics is much like the seasons—always changing. However, Alberta Barley’s approach to policy and government relations always stays true. Through every

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Oct 14

The importance of being earnest: Former chairmen reflect

Posted on Oct 14 By: Sydney Duhaime

Alberta farmers Glenn Logan, Matt Sawyer and Mike Ammeter all have at least two things in common: a passion for agriculture, and a willingness to get involved in their industry. With regional meetings and elections just around the corner, these past and present Alberta Barley chairmen took time to talk about their experience with grassroots democracy—and their work with the Commission over the years. Glenn

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Oct 6

Alberta Barley elections 101

Posted on Oct 6 By: Sydney Duhaime

Are you interested in joining Alberta Barley but don’t know where to get started? Below is a comprehensive breakdown of Alberta Barley’s roles and election process, and the structure of our regional representation. This is your “Alberta Barley 101.” If you are looking to sign up, there is one very important criterion right off the

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Oct 5

Alberta’s barley farmers applaud Trans-Pacific Partnership

Posted on Oct 5 By: Cole Christensen

(Calgary, Alberta) October 5, 2015 – On news that an agreement regarding the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) has been reached, Alberta’s barley farmers are poised to reap the benefits of this landmark deal. “The TPP will have a significant impact on the bottom line for Alberta’s barley farmers,” said Alberta Barley chairman Mike Ammeter. “It will provide unprecedented

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