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Jul 22

Researching the potent potential for barley protein

Posted on Jul 22 By: Cullen Bird & Patrick Whynot

When it comes to researching proteins, peptides and amino acids, Lingyun Chen is like a kid in a candy store. As Associate Professor and Canada Research Chair in plant protein structure function and nutraceutical delivery at the University of Alberta, Chen studies the unique value-added applications of barley protein. Originally from Wuhan, China, Chen’s interest

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Jul 15

Trade Missions: Building markets and relationships

Posted on Jul 15 By: Sydney Duhaime

Representatives from Alberta Barley, Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development, Barley Council of Canada, Canadian International Grains Institute and Embassy of Canada in Japan on May 26, 2014. Canadian agriculture depends on international trade—in fact, nine out of 10 farms across Canada rely on export markets. With that in mind, it’s important that organizations like Alberta Barley serve

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