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May 27

#Plant15: Seeding ahead of the curve in Alberta

Posted on May 27 By: Patrick Whynot

With June just around the corner, farmers across the province are reporting similar results for the planting season. They are ahead of schedule, and planting more barley. While Mother Nature has shown some ups and downs to kick off the season, the consensus so far is that Alberta farmers are well positioned for a fruitful

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May 26

Welcome to the Alberta Crops Sustainability Certification Pilot Project

Posted on May 26 By: Erin Gowriluk

In March 2015, representatives from Alberta’s four crop commissions: Alberta Barley, Alberta Canola Producers’ Commission, Alberta Pulse Growers and the Alberta Wheat Commission underwent on-farm assessments in three major, internationally recognized sustainability certification programs. These programs included: International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) Plus, Unilever’s Sustainable Agriculture Code (ULSAC) as well as Sustainable Agriculture Initiative

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May 19

The Barley Grain Feed Industry Guide now available

Posted on May 19 By: Sydney Duhaime

Alberta Barley and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s Lethbridge Research Centre are proud to unveil The Barley Grain Feed Industry Guide. Created for barley farmers, livestock producers, and the feed industry, this reference document features a comprehensive review of information and practices of feed barley in animal nutrition. The guide was created and compiled by Dr.

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May 15

Flavio Capettini and the FCDC: Keeping Canadian Barley Competitive

Posted on May 15 By: Karin Olafson

Flavio Capettini looks off into a barley field during FCDC’s Field Day in Lacombe. Photo credit – Field Crop Development Centre. For 42 years, the Field Crop Development Centre (FCDC) in Lacombe has been breeding new and innovative barley, triticale and wheat varieties for Canadian farmers. As the head of research at the FCDC, Flavio

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May 12

Alberta Barley congratulates Premier-Elect Notley, NDP on historic victory

Posted on May 12 By: Alberta Barley

The following is a message from our Chairman Mike Ammeter following the results of last Tuesday’s provincial election. Greetings everyone, First and foremost, on behalf of Alberta Barley, I would like to congratulate Premier-Elect Rachel Notley and the New Democratic Party on their election victory last Tuesday. As we move forward with this transition, I

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May 1

Still on the fence? #abvote

Posted on May 1 By: Alberta Barley & GrainsWest

Next Tuesday, Albertans will take to the polls to decide who will form our next provincial government. In advance of this historic election, Alberta Barley and GrainsWest magazine interviewed representatives from each major party to get the scoop on their agricultural policies and platforms. For your convenience, we’ve boiled these policies down for a visual comparison.

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