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Oct 22

General Manager’s Message – Investing in people

Posted on Oct 22 By: Lisa Skierka

As Alberta Barley enters the 2013 planning process, your staff are looking forward to taking the Board’s priorities and ideas and creating meaningful programs that really work for farmers. Over the past year, we’ve worked to invest in people who can make these projects and priorities happen. From the Barley Council of Canada (BCC) to

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Oct 18

Working together sets environmental coalition apart

Posted on Oct 18 By: Geoff Geddes

Is it possible to be a throwback and progressive at the same time? The Agri-Environmental Partner- ship of Alberta (AEPA) certainly hopes so as it tackles current issues with a consensus-based approach. “We’re a partnership of government, industry and public stakeholders working together to proactively address agri-environmental subjects from a policy perspective,” said AEPA Industry

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Oct 3

Investing in growth – Check-off dollars mean we’re stronger together

Posted on Oct 3 By: Matt Sawyer

The end of 2012 was re-invigorating for Alberta Barley’s (ABC’s) directors and delegates. A strong slate of fall regional meetings, followed by our best annual general meeting yet, left us ready for a year of new challenges and opportunities. Chief among these is the creation of the Barley Council of Canada (BCC), where ABC leadership

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Oct 1

Increase profitability by following the 4 Rs

Posted on Oct 1 By: Madeleine Baerg

Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development (AARD) scientists are leading a research project in collaboration with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) that may soon benefit many Albertan producers’ bottom lines. The four-year project—which compares different rates, timing and placement of traditional urea with Environmentally Smart Nitrogen (ESN) polymer-coated urea—will determine best practices for nitrogen fertilizer management

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