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Aug 21

Guest Column – Oat organizations provide value, efficiency and results

Posted on Aug 21 By: Shawna Mathieson

When the Alberta Oat Growers Commission (AOGC) came into effect on Aug. 1, 2012, the directors had one thing in mind: value for the Alberta producers. That’s why AOGC decided to join up with the Saskatchewan and Manitoba oat producer organizations in the Prairie Oat Growers Association (POGA). AOGC Chairman and POGA Vice-Chairman Keith Gilchrist

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Aug 18

Bearish market for barley in 2013

Posted on Aug 18 By: Lee Hart

The worm has turned when it comes to 2013 barley prices after the grain hit near-record prices for malting and feed last year. A new North American supply situation in the malt and feed grains markets is causing prices to tumble heading into the new crop year. While it may look like a price collapse,

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Aug 4

General Manager’s Message

Posted on Aug 4 By: Lisa Skierka

Alberta Barley staff are the cornerstone of our programming in the areas of communications and extension, finance and check-off management, market development, policy, and research and agronomy. Our staffing model recognizes the importance of creating a culture of investment in the work we do—developing a team dynamic with people who are invested in growing Alberta’s

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