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Apr 30

Aster yellows kill barley

Posted on Apr 30 By: Dr. Ieuan R. Evans

Prairie-wide this year, a couple of billion dollars were lost in expected crop yields to a tiny bacterium called phytoplasma, commonly known as aster yellows. In canola crops from Winnipeg, MB, to Dawson Creek, B.C., aster yellows disease showed up in canola as big, scruffy, ugly sterile plants that failed to form any seedpods. The

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Apr 29

Research Notes

Posted on Apr 29 By: Garson Law

Since joining Alberta Barley in the spring, I have met with many people from across the barley value chain. From universities to government agencies, from regulatory bodies to private companies, and from researchers to producers, one sentiment is shared: everyone wants barley to succeed. In order to achieve this common goal, we need to work

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Apr 27

Bentley tests well in new malt trial

Posted on Apr 27 By: Sarah Weigum

Bentley barley is making a name for itself after 20 years of research and testing. Already a proven yielder in both grain and biomass, Bentley’s positive performance in the 2012 Canadian Malting Barley Technical Centre’s (CMBTC’s) trials have boosted its reputation as a whole-package barley. Bentley performed as well as AC Metcalfe and CDC Copeland—the

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Apr 27

Mixed reaction to new rail legislation

Posted on Apr 27 By: Gen Handley

A new rail freight act, announced this summer, is generating mixed reactions on both sides of the tracks. On June 26, the Rail Freight Service Act was passed by the federal government. The bill was aimed at encouraging cooperation amongst railways and shippers while increasing efficiencies in the supply chain. “Railways and shippers depend on

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Apr 26

Brewmaster program takes off at Olds College

Posted on Apr 26 By: admin

This fall, Olds College began its Brewmaster and Brewery Operations Management Diploma. In its first year, 26 students enrolled and are on their way to developing a heightened palate and learning how to make beer from start to finish. The program will feature a mix of hands-on work and time in the class- room. The

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Apr 25

Farmers, grain companies grapple with fee hikes

Posted on Apr 25 By: Tyler Difley

As part of restructuring legislated by the federal government, the Canadian Grain Commission (CGC) recently increased its user fees for the first time since 1991, drawing the ire of farmers and grain handlers alike. Bill C-45, which came into effect on Aug. 1, includes several measures de- signed to reduce the CGC’s dependence on federal

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Apr 24

Producer Profile Third-gen rancher calls barley “integral” to beef industry

Posted on Apr 24 By: Dina O’Meara

Dave Solverson wears many hats, but most of them are in the shape of a Stetson. A third-generation rancher, Solverson runs about 2,000 cattle, including calves and yearlings and 800 mother cows, with his brother Ken on their land out- side of Camrose. He is the current vice-president of the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association and chair

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Apr 23

Aging farmers at risk on machinery

Posted on Apr 23 By: Natalie Noble

A recent report published by the University of Alberta (UofA) revealed that, as North American farmers age, their exposure to dangerous farm equipment increases and raises the risk for injury and death. The Older Farmers and Machinery Exposure—Cause for Concern study showed that while the average hourly work week decreases for farmers over 60, the

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Apr 22

Three year malt contracts a recipe for success

Posted on Apr 22 By: Tamara Leigh

Combine a California brewery, one of Canada’s leading maltsters, 12 Alberta barley growers and a three-year growing contract, and you’ll get a new recipe for barley marketing that’s turning the heads of growers and brewers alike. Two years ago, Lagunitas Brewing out of Petaluma, CA, contacted Rahr Malting Company to arrange a meeting with some

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Apr 21

Editor’s Message

Posted on Apr 21 By: Anne-Marie Bruzga-Luchak

After a wet spring that left much of the province sloppy and made seeding late, we’ve been treated to some record-breaking fall weather that’s ushered in another productive harvest. But adapting to these kinds of extreme changes, especially with weather, is a hallmark of agriculture. In the world of Alberta Barley communications, one of our

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