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Aug 24

Detect wireworms before it’s too late

Posted on Aug 24 By: Tyler Difley

Underground, and often undetected, wireworms—the larval stage of the click beetle—can wreak havoc on cereal crops like barley. Wireworms on the rise Scott Meers, an insect management specialist for Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development (AARD), said there has been an increase in wireworm issues in Alberta, but it has not yet raised serious concerns. “The

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Aug 19

Mastering the science of beer

Posted on Aug 19 By: Tamara Leigh

Western Canada’s only brewmaster program and teaching brewery is coming to the heart of barley country. In April, Olds College announced that they are partnering with Niagara College to expand their two-year Brewmaster and Brewery Operations Management program to make it truly national in scope. “When we created our Canadian Food and Wine Institute, our

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Aug 13

Not your average barley pop

Posted on Aug 13 By: Tamara Leigh

There are many uses for barley, but none is as popular as brewing beer. Brewers across the country are quick to tip their hats to barley growers on the Canadian Prairies, known for producing some of the highest quality two-row malt barley in the world. Labatt, Molson and Sleeman continue to dominate the Canadian beer

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Aug 3

U of A continues world-class barley research

Posted on Aug 3 By: Trevor Bacque

The third floor of the Agricultural, Life and Environmental Sciences building at the University of Alberta (U of A) campus is cluttered. Packed boxes of floor tiles lay in wait and unpacked shipments sit on pallets in hopes of eventually being set up. Among the hodgepodge is Dr. Lingyun Chen’s research laboratory. The 36-year old

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