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May 2

A step-by-step guide to growing malt barley

Posted on May 2 By: Victoria Decker

By: David Simbo, Research Manager What should I consider when choosing to grow malt barley, and which varieties should I grow? To answer some of the questions farmers may have about the crop, the following guide includes basic information and links to further sources. Variety selection The Canadian Malting Barley Technical Centre (CMBTC) has recommended

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Mar 15

Spotlight on Barley Diseases

Posted on Mar 15 By: Megan Hall

Spotlight on Barley Diseases is a handy in-field guide is a producers resource to be used during scouting. It provides effective disease management strategies and helps growers identify some of the most prevalent barley diseases. Download the guide here: Disease management booklet 2017_OUTLINES

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Aug 18

Summer Field Tours

Posted on Aug 18 By: David Simbo

(Above) Linda Hall speaks to farmers about improving yield and quality through agronomic practices, July 19. Summer time is the perfect opportunity for field tours and Alberta Barley’s research manager David Simbo has been criss-crossing Alberta, learning more about the commission’s research and interacting with our members. Applied Research Associations have been an effective tool

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