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Research Committee

Agricultural research is never an individual effort. The key to successful agricultural research lies in collaboration and co-operation between all the parties involved in Alberta’s agriculture sector. This collaborative approach is reflected in Alberta Barley’s knowledgeable research committee.

The committee’s farmer membership includes committee chair and Region Four Director-at-Large Terry James, as well as chairman Jason Lenz, Director-at-Large Shane DeBock, Region Six Director Ed Tollefson. Delegates Shawn Gorr, Brad Wiese, Wade McAllister, Dick Wymenga, Peter Smerychynski, Brent Konstapel, Brad Berger and Charlie Leskiw are also members of the committee. Alberta Barley Research Manager David Simbo serves as staff lead.

The committee also includes four industry experts who serve as associate members: Bill Chapman from Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development; Dr. Rich Joy from Canada Malting Company; Alan Hall from the Alberta Crop Industry Development Fund; and Karin Schmid from the Alberta Beef Producers.

The committee encourages farmers to take an active role by determining research priorities and making recommendations to the Board of Directors. With their combined expertise, committee members aim to identify research targets and priorities and take that consensus straight to scientists in order to directly address the research areas in which farmers want work to be done.

For more information on Alberta Barley’s research projects and our decision-making process via the Funding Consortium, please contact:

Garson Law
Research Manager
Alberta Barley
Tel: (403) 219-6259