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May 28

Alberta Barley responds: Letter to the editor

Posted on May 28 By: Matt Sawyer

The following is a letter to the editor from our Chairman Matt Sawyer that was sent to the Globe and Mail on May 19, 2014. RE: “A ‘farmers first’ policy doesn’t bode well for Canada’s economy” (May 18, 2014) By pitting farmers against our colleagues in other industries that rely on the railways, the columnist

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May 27

Canola crop rotation–focusing on the future

Posted on May 27 By: Ian Doig

The current rail transportation slowdown is affecting all grains and oil seeds, but the message coming from grain buyers is that canola will always move, said Elaine Bellamy, Region Eight director for the Alberta Canola Producers Commission. This potential short-term financial gain may be a classic case of being penny-wise and pound-foolish, however. With anxious

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May 23

AARD Launches Call of the Land Mobile Application

Posted on May 23 By: Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development

Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development (ARD) recently launched a Call of the Land mobile application. The app will enable Android and iPhone users to access interviews, stories and upcoming events from the popular agriculture radio program. “Alberta has some of the best and most innovative producers in the world,” says Verlyn Olson, Minister of Agriculture

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May 22

Spotlight on Research: Check-off dollars fund CDC barley breeding

Posted on May 22 By: Ian Doig

University of Saskatchewan assistant professor Aaron Beattie describes the school’s Crop Development Centre’s (CDC) barley and oat breeding program as a factory whose output is new barley varieties. Continuing this cyclical process, a five-year research project entitled Breeding Two-Row Feed and Malting Barley Varieties has received funding from Alberta Barley as well as the Brewing

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May 20

Farm Manager–Your Business Resource

Posted on May 20 By: Abby Verstraete

Abby Verstraete is a Farm Business Analyst with Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development. Looking for a one-stop shop for farm management best practices? Look no further. Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development’s (AARD’s) new farm management website, Farm Manager, is here and ready to serve you. Launched in early April, the site is designed to showcase

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May 15

Spotlight on Research: Resistance is not futile

Posted on May 15 By: Ian Doig

In vitro enzyme assay, measuring enzyme expression from more resistant barley lines. Blue dye is released from the dye-linked substrate (AZCL1-3,1-4 β-Glucan) when digested by beta-glucanase. Research scientist and molecular geneticist Jennifer Zantinge of Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development is the lead researcher on Feed and Malting Barley: Linking Enzymes to Disease Resistance, a barley

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May 12

Growing grains, growing agriculture

Posted on May 12 By: David Krayden

Bryan Adam has been Alberta Barley’s Region Five director since late 2012, but he’s been working the land in Stony Plain for a lifetime. As a second-generation farmer, he knows the importance of diversifying. On his 1,500-acre homestead, he grows barley, Canadian Prairie Spring (CPS) wheat and canola, rotating the crops to ensure he never

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