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Apr 24

Upholding a legacy

Posted on Apr 24 By: Jessica Patterson

For Lomond farmer and Region One Director-at-Large Glenn Logan, the soil is in his blood. His roots in Alberta reach back to 1906, when his family moved here from Nova Scotia. Logan said they filed for a homestead in the Lomond district, southeast of Calgary, and the family has been farming the land there for

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Apr 9

Spotlight on Research: Fighting Western Canada’s First ‘Super Weed’

Posted on Apr 9 By: Ian Doig

Robert Blackshaw is a weed control research scientist at the Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada–Lethbridge Research Centre. He chuckled when asked if glyphosate-resistant (GR) kochia deserves the unscientific designation of “super weed.” “It’s an exaggerated term,” he said. “We’ve had weed resistance in Western Canada for 20 to 25 years.” Though the popular term has a

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Apr 2

Greg Stamp: Seed expert, Twitter star

Posted on Apr 2 By: Jeff Davis

Alberta Barley’s director for Region One is Greg Stamp, who stands out for both his young age and his passion for social media technologies. Stamp began attending Alberta Barley’s annual AGM as a delegate at age 23, freshly graduated from the agricultural studies program at the University of Lethbridge. By age 25 he was elected

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Apr 1

Alberta Barley in the News: “Producers encouraged to plant barley”

Posted on Apr 1 By: Juanita Krause

This article originally appeared in the “Farm ‘n’ Friends” newspaper, based out of Lamont-Redwater, Alberta. It was published on Mar. 28, 2014, and was written by Juanita Krause.  Producers who do not presently have barley in their crop rotations are encouraged to take another look at it and grow a small plot in the next

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