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Mar 26

Spotlight on Research: Nitrogen Use Efficiency

Posted on Mar 26 By: Ian Doig

It’s been shown that cereal crops typically use half the nitrogen fertilizer available to them. Developing varieties that show greater nitrogen use efficiency (NUE) can potentially increase crop yield while reducing fertilizer use. Boosting producers’ financial return, it would also benefit the environment by reducing nitrogen loss to runoff, leaching and gaseous emissions from soil

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Mar 17

Market Development: Pharmaceutical uses for barley

Posted on Mar 17 By: Sydney Duhaime

As the old saying goes, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. According to Lingyun Chen, PhD and associate professor with the University of Alberta, this may not be the case for barley. “Barley may be more valuable in its parts,” said Chen. Today over 98 per cent of barley produced in

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Mar 13

Spotlight on Research: Barley 180

Posted on Mar 13 By: Ian Doig

The number of acres seeded to barley on the Prairies has dwindled over the last half-dozen years, with feed barley in particular losing out to wheat and canola. Where farmers have traditionally grown a lot of barley in eastern Alberta and Saskatchewan, today it has almost become a dirty word, said Craig Shand, precision agronomist

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Mar 6

Alberta Barley director has spring fever

Posted on Mar 6 By: Gen Handley

Gerald Finster’s earliest memory of the family farm is a funny one. “I remember, as a young toddler of about three or four years old, calling out to my mom because I was stuck in the mud with my rubber boots,” he recalled with a laugh. “I couldn’t move.” Since 1983, Gerald has farmed full

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