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  • Still on the fence? #abvote

    Next Tuesday, Albertans will take to the polls to decide who will form our next provincial government. In advance of this historic election, Alberta Barley and GrainsWest magazine interviewed representatives from each major party to get the scoop on their agricultural policies and platforms.

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  • Plan now to understand and apply variable-rate management

    While it may be too late to embark upon on-farm research or variable-rate management this season, Ken Coles suggests that now is a good time for producers to think about it long-term.

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  • Canada’s grain growers welcome next stage in marketing freedom

    Grain Growers of Canada (GGC) welcomes today’s announcement that CWB has entered into a partnership with G3 Global Grain Group.

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  • Time running out on licensing input

    The Canadian livestock feed industry has only a few days left to provide input into a proposal by the Canadian Grain Commission (CGC) to develop a licensing system for feed mills. Deadline is April 9.

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  • Food markets on a global scale

    Peter Watts tells GrainsWest about his love for agriculture and international trade.

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