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  • Student research targets profitable results

    Alberta Barley is supporting the future of agricultural research, awarding Alireza Akhavan, Larisa Jancewicz and Laurel Perrott each a $2,000 bursary at the first annual Alberta Barley Scholarship luncheon on June 13 in Red Deer.

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  • Emerging Markets: The CKFTA and new trading opportunities in South Korea

    South Korea is currently Canada’s seventh-largest trading partner, and recent agreements are working toward growing the trade relationship even further.

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  • Spotlight on Research: Improving barley digestion in pigs and cattle

    The rate at which cattle digest individual barley varieties and how well these varieties are utilized varies, explains Tim McAllister, principal research scientist, Ruminant Nutrition & Microbiology, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Lethbridge.

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  • Water Stewardship and the Crop Sector Working Group

    Water is a big deal for farmers. Not enough and crops wither. Too much and seeding or harvest is delayed and crops suffer. Way too much and we have flooding like we saw last year in southern Alberta.

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  • Canola crop rotation–focusing on the future

    The current rail transportation slowdown is affecting all grains and oil seeds, but the message coming from grain buyers is that canola will always move, said Elaine Bellamy, Region Eight director for the Alberta Canola Producers Commission.

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