Alberta Barley

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  • Glenn Logan: Upholding a legacy

    For Lomond farmer and Region One Director-at-Large Glenn Logan, the soil is in his blood. His roots in Alberta reach back to 1906, when his family moved here from Nova Scotia.

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  • National Barley Research Cluster ready to take barley to next level

    Barley science in Canada received a major boost today with the signing of agreements for the “Adding Value to Barley National Research Cluster” project.

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  • Spotlight on Research: Fighting Western Canada’s First ‘Super Weed’

    Robert Blackshaw is a weed control research scientist at the Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada–Lethbridge Research Centre. He chuckled when asked if glyphosate-resistant (GR) kochia deserves the unscientific designation of “super weed.”

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  • Greg Stamp: Seed expert, Twitter star

    Alberta Barley’s director for Region One is Greg Stamp, who stands out for both his young age and his passion for social media technologies.

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  • Spotlight on Research: Nitrogen Use Efficiency

    Developing varieties that show greater nitrogen use efficiency (NUE) can potentially increase crop yield while reducing fertilizer use.

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